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  1. +1 for a portable release of bittorrent sync. Some months ago it was available and should be reimplemented. Now would be the right time to do it. Happy christmas to all developers and supporters. Greetings merlinuwe
  2. Hi RomanZ, thanks for your answers, I sent you the logfile of my Windows 8.1 desktop-PC via the feedback-button of bittorrent sync a few minutes ago. Here you see (after an upgrade to 1.3.109 to all my devices), that not all devices are connected. (Only compare the bold formated devices.) FreeBSD (on FreeNAS): Ordner Größe Verbundene Geräte Optionen backup 164.01 GB in 164775 Dateien 1 von 1 Gerät Austausch 81.91 MB in 548 Dateien 3 von 3 Geräten Mobil 5.53 GB in 2674 Dateien 5 von 5 Geräten
  3. Hi, here are some little issues with 1.3.109: I. When I change a file on my local device, 1. The tray-icon message "xyz wurde mit Onlinegeräten synchronisiert" appears. 2. Bittorrent sync is syncing. I would prefer the reverse order (after the sync is finished). II. If I have the file ".htaccess" in syncignore, bittorrent sync seems to hang sometimes at this file while syncing. I remarked this by clicking on the "i" (information-icon) in the tab "devices". Not easy to reproduce but often seen in Windows 7 and 8.1. A restart of bittorent sync seem to force the synchronization, but aft
  4. I use 1.3.109 only on my Windows 7 notebook and haven't upgraded my other devices yet. When I close the notebook and open it again after a while, I don't see my devices. I have to restart bittorrent sync to see all my other devices. Bug or feature? greetings, merlinuwe
  5. Hm, I installed 1.3.105 on Windows 8.1 and it runs. I started the unpacked btsync_i386.tar.gz on Debian 6 and it runs. (I can see it in the tab "devices" on my windows 8.1 PC.) But I can't see the web interface on Debian; I only see a white website. [Edit] The mistake was, that I used http://thehost:8080/gui/de/index.html instead of http://thehost:8080/gui/ Hope, that helps others. Some feedback: I agree with JimmyTheSaint when he wants to see the sync state of everything in one view. If you click (german release) on Optionen -> "Teilen" then you see "Teilen" (ok) Opti
  6. I tried to reproduce the issue in the lab - and failed, the port does not change. There is a logic in BTSync which changes the port if it is occupied (say, previous instance of BTSync is running and bound to the port). So - how do you upgrade? I suggests checking if the port is available when you run new Sync. ---------------- In the past I killed the process btsync, copied the new release to and startet it again: On debian 6 with ./btsync --config sync.conf On FreeNAS only with ./btsync Since yesterday I also use a sync.conf on FreeNAS and changed both sync.conf files. freenas#
  7. @RomanZ Hi, I saw 1.3.94 is out and couldn't resist to update - and test again ... Here are my answers to your comments on my issues. 1. Yes, the problem is reproducable, but this time with btsync_i386.tar.gz (Linux 32 bit under Debian 6), and not as before with btsync_freebsd_x64.tar.gz (FreeNAS 64 bit). (The unwanted change was from port 35221 to port 47598.) 2. Only the remote Windows 7 PC is at the moment not directly connected with two different shared folders. But the same host is with an other folder directly connected (there is a sync at the moment). So I don't want to lose thi
  8. Hi, I updated my pc/servers to the latest release 1.3.93 and have a few issues. I think, they occured also in former releases. 1. The i386 Linux release runs on a hosted server with debian 6 (32 bit) and seems to change his port-number by itself, perhaps while update to a new release. 2. If I want to delete a predefined host under BSD (FreeNAS FreeNAS-, the deletion affects not to the chosen item, but to another (Chrome Browser). 3. I tested a crypted key folder. It does not sync to the Debian and another remote Windows 7 PC, but to the (local) FreeNAS. 4. I chec
  9. Hi, there is a new release FreeNas 9.2 available. Does Bittorrent sync run under FreeBSD 9.2? Greetings merlinuwe
  10. Hi, It would be very nice, if I could (optionally) access the files stored (and the deleted files) in a btsync share by a cool website like (sorry ...) dropbox. This site should be easyly customizable by the user. (By now, I use owncloud with a symlink to my shared folder. I also played around with pydio.) There should be also an easy usable installation solution for FreeNAS. Nonetheless: Thanks for the great application! Greetings merlinuwe
  11. Hi, I'm not sure, if the problem discussed here (about the failing installation of btsync on an usb-stick) was seen by the developers. Will it be solved in one of the next releases, please? -merlinuwe
  12. Thanks for your engagement in this topic. I think, I'll wait for the next release. greetings -merlinuwe
  13. Hi, dear helpers, yes, I've read this topic in the inofficial faq: But the installer tries to install the software on my PC not on the usb-stick. I got no choice for Portable Mode (1.2.82). What can I do, please? Greetings merlinuwe
  14. This is the/a working configuration on my shared host: In the sync.conf: -----snip-----"webui": { "listen": "server-ip:8080", "login": "whatever", "password": "whatevertoo"},-----snip-----The url in the Browser is: http://server-ip:8080/gui/de/index.html The port-number must be the same, of course.
  15. I stopped my locale firewall for testing, to see, if it has some influence to the connection. How can I find out if there is a firewall activated on the hosted server? (I don't think so)