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  1. I think it could be useful to set a custom selection of columns on the webui (linux) and to keep it in a persistent way until a new configuration is set. Thank you.
  2. Could it be possible to get this kind of notifications for new versions via RSS or direct email, especially to us the linux users that doesn't have an autoupdate function on the binary/webui. Or maybe a special URI on bittorrent.com to get the latest binary and so we can implement our own autoupdate using a script for example. Thanks
  3. I have a raspberry and I always use the "Gzip archive for Linux: ARM" Even now I already installed it.
  4. I use a folder on my raspberry to drop movies and video or other large files, when done i move them to another folder on the raspberry wich is not syncing, so those files are removed from my laptop or desktop disk but I can still access them via NFSv3. My laptop and desktop are both opensuse.
  5. Love the changes of preferences and configuration to the WebUI for us Linux users, specially the "bind to interface" Thanks a lot!
  6. Well I changed the path from .sync to a new folder just to try like it was a new install and it worked, the problem started when I updated from 1.1.30 to 1.1.33, after that it never worked again even downgrading to 1.1.30, it's a little inconvenience because I have about 120Gb from a backup repository so apparently it's going to reindex everything again. At least 1.1.42 is up and running.
  7. Yep, with daemon mode there is no error, it just doesn't get executed.
  8. With 1.1.42 on FreeBSD AMD 64bits btsync> ./btsync --config btsync.conf --nodaemon terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error' what(): basic_string::assign Abort (core dumped) ls -lh 1.8M btsync.core
  9. Build 1.1.30 on FreeBSD AMD 64 worked without problems but with build 1.1.33 ./btsync --config btsync.conf --nodaemon /libexec/ld-elf.so.1: /usr/home/yield/btsync/btsync: Undefined symbol "posix_fallocate"