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  1. I think I have seen btsync being able to rename folders without re-sending the content.
  2. Same issue here. I did sync from an empty destination folder. I couldn't find any of the files mentionned above. I have same version of btsync on both peers.
  3. Ok after regenerating the HASH KEY, the folders sync normally :-)
  4. joncamfield, after upgrading could you sync between your NAS and your clients? As kh0110 said he still couldn't sync.
  5. ok I think I will follow the howto to upgrade my Synology to BTsync 1.1.27. Thank!
  6. It would be nice that everything dealing with btsync would be in the same hidden folder, like .SyncIgnore and .SyncID and .SyncTrash all together to be in for instance a .btsync/ folder This way it would be clear what is btsync and what is not (imagine if we need to sync a folder with many hidden files). My 2 cents, /glattering
  7. Hello all, Same issue here, my client on Mac OS checked updates automatically, and I clicked yes to install the update to switch to the latest 1.1.27, but then the sync wouldn't work anymore because my NAS has a client with revision 1.0.134... Now I'm stuck to wait for synology to provide packet with 1.1.27. Or is there a link to the previous versions of the btsync clients? That would be perfect! And of course in the future I will make sure my NAS updates before updating my clients.