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  1. Great that worked, I deleted GUID and it worked once again. I am also running the following services 1.Sickbeard 2.Plex media server 3.Couchpotato However I think Plex was the only one installed when the problem started so I suspect it is the one causing this conflict. Thanks a lot, Gilli
  2. Nobody has any ideas on what might be causing this?
  3. Hi guys, I am having a strange problem, after I ran some updates (I think) on my ubuntu server that is running btsync on I am unable to access the webui. When I go to or all I get is "invalid request". It was all working fine before but now I can't seem to be able to access it no matter what I do. My other btsync devices are still connected to that server so it is working as it should. Only the webui is broken. Do you guys have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks, Gilli
  4. Never mind, I ran apt-get upgrade on both machines, it updated btsync, then I rebooted and it is now working as intended. Thanks for your help anyway!
  5. Have you had Backupsy for long? I just signed up less than a week ago and so far so good, but it still seems a bit too good to be true with those prices haha. Anyway my Microserver and Backupsy server seem to find each other, when I visit the Web UI both of them show up under "Connected devices and status" but nothing is being transferred. Like right now, I am at work and my main computer is off, Microserver has completed the sync and has 117GB but the Backupsy server only has 62GB and shows that it is connected to the Microserver but for some reason just isn't transferring anything. Well mainly there is just no reason to use RW for this specific folder on Backupsy and Microserver since I won't be putting anything in it on any computer except the main one, I had planned to use another folder for other stuff I would want to sync both ways. I will try your tip with entering pre-defined hosts and see if that changes anything. Thanks, Gilli P.s. Did you know rusl means garbage in Icelandic..
  6. Here is my setup: Computer A: Desktop PC running Windows 7 Computer B: HP microserver running Ubuntu 12.04 - Connected to A on a local network but both are connected to the world wide web. Computer C: VPS from Backupsy running Ubuntu 12.04 Computer A has the original documents, mostly pictures while computer B and C got read-only syncs. Computer A has 117GB to be synced, Computer B has downloaded around 80GB and computer C 50GB. If Computer A gets disconnected then it seems B and C stop syncing completely, nothing going up or down on either of them, even though B has 30GB more data than C.
  7. Hi there, I was wondering whether this was a bug or if it was as designed. I got one computer that is sharing files (117gb) and two read only computers. When the main computer is offline the other two stop syncing between them completely, one of them has gotten a lot further ahead in syncing than the other one so I would have thought the one behind would catch up while the main computer is offline. However I could understand there might be some complications regarding authority, as in those two read only computers cant tell the other one that they should sync according to them because they are both just read-only. So like I said, is it a bug or by design? Regards, Gilli