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  1. Maybe im wanting selective sync to be a feature it is not. I have a root share but i wanted to turn off syncing of a few folders withing the root. However the side effect is newly created items are not synced automatically. For example lets say i have a sync of the folder root with sub folders of folder1, folder2, folder3, folder4. I wanted to turn off syncing of folders 1 and 3, and i wanted a newly created folder5 to be synced the second its created. The current action is folder5 is not synced.
  2. I bought pro to use the feature selective sync. I wanted to turn few sub folders off on my root folder that i sync. However the problem now is that when new folders are created in the root they are not syncing. The default behavior appears to be not sync however i would like new folders to autosync. Is there a solution to my issue?
  3. Am i blind i can not find the android downloads and am running and old version 1.0.14 I like it but would love it get up to date.