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  1. I use BTSYNC within a total Linux environment, and I look forward to when it becomes available for Android. Primarily, I am looking for solutions away from Google, and other cloud oriented environments. So Linux apps like Zim, TomBoy, RedNotebook can be used easily enough as drop-in replacements for Google Tasks and Google Calendar. Their flat-file structures makes it easy to manage, and knowing that the connections across all devices is encrypted is a bonus. As an aside, I understand that there is some development work going on with BitMessage, which could be ( and I say that liberally) a future replacement for email. BitMessage is based on the same communications protocol used in the BitCoin world, so that could be something to keep an eye on. We have so much thanks to give to Edward Snowden, for helping to open our eyes to all the surveillance nonsense that's been going on behind our backs. Kudos to him I reckon!