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  1. btsync is doing it's job - syncing the changes (ie, newest file) from the source to the other devices with older versions. You could add the iTunes XML library file to the .SyncIgnore file.
  2. I think your biggest issue will be that btsync won't maintain any permissions across the sync'ed folder(s).
  3. If there are 2 computers syncing a folder, they don't always both have to be on. They do have to be on to actually sync, but you can make changes on Computer A while Computer B is turned off. Once you turn B back on, it will sync any changes since it was turned off (as long as A is still on)
  4. Is anyone else still seeing this issue? My poor little Pi is running at a Load Avg between 2 and 3, all btsync files are stored on an SSD in a USB caddy. Only ~8,800 files in 7 shares.
  5. There is a 3rd party tool that can do this I believe: https://github.com/tubbo/bitbox/
  6. EDIT: I did misunderstand your request - Ignore the following. If I understand correctly, you're trying to add the same folder a second time to be able to backup to the third device (the laptop). If that's correct, then "you're doing it wrong" btsync is a mesh type of sync tool - ie, it syncs N-ways, not only 2-ways. So you don't need to add the folder a second time, just use the same key and add it to the btsync config on your laptop. The laptop will then "join" the other 2 computers in the sync activities for the folder.
  7. It depends entirely on your environment - there are likely to be technical and policy reasons you can or can't use btsync. You're best off talking to your network admins, especially to avoid any issues with company policy. No-one here knows enough (anything) about the technical environment at your work to be able to give you advice.
  8. I would consider that a bug personally, but to work around it you should be able to replace the space with a '?' (single character wildcard)
  9. Ah I see, my apologies. I had the same thing (one computer constantly trying to upload 99B). I ended up just deleting the shared folder from the computer, deleting it from the disk and then re-adding it. The peers were all on the same LAN so wasn't an issue to re-sync.
  10. Care to share how you solved it so others can benefit?
  11. Just a simple one: ability to create a directory (in the filesystem) from the WebUI.
  12. OK, I have my tail between my legs on this one; the machine where I did the deletions had a read-only key To resolve: 1) Delete the shared folder from btsync 2) Manually remove the .Sync* files 3) Restart btsync 4) Use rsync with the --delete option to re-sync the 2 machines (ie, delete the files I want gone) 5) Re-add the shared folders. 6) Be quick to disable all the discovery methods (Search LAN, Use TrRacker server etc) so the index can complete without interruption. 7) Once the index is done on both machines, re-enable the peer discovery methods, give it 10 minutes and they're happy again
  13. So logically, you need to disable all your options, EXIT btsync completely and reopen it. Transfer should not happen because the peers don't know about each other, and they have no method (enabled) to find each other.
  14. Thanks for the response GreatMarko. There are none of those part files:/mnt/music $ find ./ -name .Sync\*./.SyncID./.SyncIgnore./.SyncArchive/mnt/music $ find ./ -name .\!Sync\*/mnt/music $ Re-creating the shares will definitely make Sync want to re-transfer those 5gb won't it? I don't have the connectivity to push 5gb just to delete it again. I've had a reply from the support team with some other suggestions which I'll try and report back
  15. Well I submitted this to the support guys over a month ago but haven't got a solution, or even an update from them, so I'll post it here in case anyone else has any ideas... I have an issue with one of my shared folders containing my music collection. There are currently 3 devices in the sync group: my home desktop, my laptop and my work desktop. I deleted a lot of duplicate files on my work desktop (while my home desktop and laptop were turned off). I deleted a little over 5gb out of ~40gb. Now that I have turned my home desktop and laptop back on, the webui says that they want to upload the "missing" 5.5gb, but at the same time they're not actually sending any data as best I can tell (the data to upload isn't decreasing, the upload speed is 0.0kb/s and a tcpdump on my gateway shows minimal traffic). I would expect that the deletions would sync from my work desktop to my home desktop and laptop?? My sync group have been in this start for a months now; my laptop and home desktop saying they want to upload ~5gb of data, but not actually uploading anything, and the deleted files not being deleted on the home desktop/laptop.