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  1. The tracker server could stop supporting 1.x. Then there will be (even more) trouble. You never can tell what will happen with closed-source software and on top of that BitTorrent Inc ain't exactly the most trustworthy.
  2. Yes I'm currently in the process of migrating to SyncThing. Even if BitTorrent fix what they did, I'm not coming back. I don't trust them anymore.
  3. SyncThing solves all the problems BitTorrentSync introduced. Just my 2c
  4. So how would payment work then, if it's subscription based? Wouldn't that mean signing up somewhere, including logging into the client? If that's the case, then what happens with the whole anonymity/privacy thing?
  5. But. You just pointed out core functionality fixes/improvements and not the issue at hand - the UI...
  6. I'm also still on 1.3, for similar reasons as stated above. Actually, the UI of 1.4 while meant to be easier to use, completely confuses my less-tech-savvy friends. I've discouraged them from upgrading. That, and the the fact that I also dislike it. 1.3 is lean, mean, and lightweight. Way is see it, something similar to the uTorrent story will happen with Sync. Eventually. Speaking of which (and somewhat offtopic), this is on the uTorrent front page: And imagine this: But what happens instead? Go figure. (Sorry, I don't mean to be a troll)
  7. Here you go http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.3.109/
  8. Is there a way to us the WebUI as default, even if IE9 is installed?
  9. Same here. Though I have to admit I still promote it but the 1.3 version. I've already told everyone not to upgrade to 1.4.
  10. "Add or remove programs" did it for me on Win7 to remove 1.4.72. I then just installed 1.3.109 and was happily on my way. I had to re-add all shares though, which was a bit of a hassle but worth it.
  11. Awesome job! Right on time too! Hope to see this evolve
  12. Unless you can dock IE9, I don't think you'll be able to dock 1.4
  13. ChrisH BTSync now "officially" needs 3rd party software in order to run properly (IE9). Unless you're able to make IE9 portable, you're out of luck, unfortunately.
  14. Happened to me. When I downloaded 1.4 Time to download the proper version - 1.3
  15. Nevermind, I figured it out. New design/layout/functionality is fairly confusing. On a side-note, for read-only shares, what does "Overwrite any changed files" mean exactly? That changes I make in that share will be overwritten or that changes I make will overwrite (override) remote changes?