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  1. I have managed to hack a script together which manages this this quite well. It should work on any Unix platform but on Mac OS you'll need to compile the hlink and hunlink programs in order for it to work. If you are not on Mac OS, you'll need to edit the script to use "ln -d" to hard link the directories. I am using this to manage the music I wish to sync to my phone, as I don't think the manual selection in the android app is very good. #!/bin/bashcd "/Volumes/Marceline/MusicSync/"# first unlink files which have been removedfor artist in *; do if [ -d "$artist" ]; then if ! grep -F
  2. Checkboxes next to each folder in manual sync on the android app. Clicking download and then not being able to see which folders you have chosen to download is horrible. Currently it also means that you cannot stop a folder from being synced once you have selected it... I have this problem because I am using it to sync my music library, but I don't want all the artists to be stored locally on my phone. One other thing is, when you are selecting which folders to sync and you then enter a sub directory, going back takes you to the top of the list, meaning that you have to scroll back down to w
  3. I don't think this is particularly fair to say - Sure, we are not being forced to use btsync, but it is an excellent piece of software. It should be taken as a compliment that the users want it to be open sourced. Feeling that it is insecure or not to be trusted just because it is closed source is also not fair to say, but I can see why people might think that. I imagine most people want it under GPL so that they can improve it.
  4. Would it be possible to add a symlink on the server so that going to takes us to the newest version? It would make it easier to update across platforms if there was a fixed URL. Just a suggestion Aaron
  5. Also having this problem. I have downgraded for now.
  6. Just to let people know, this is fixed in the latest version of the app Thanks
  7. Hey I had the idea of using the mobile app to sync music, since I can pick which folders to download by not selecting Automatic Sync. This gives me a Google Play Music kind of experience, where all my music is available to me but it's not all on my phone all the time. It seems to work pretty well, however occasionally the music pauses. I am using Apollo which comes with Cyanogenmod, which doesn't pause if I kill the btsync completely. Has anyone else had this problem or am I alone for now? One other thing which is unrelated - On the list of folders where you can pick which ones you want, it wo