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  1. Same Problem here. Raspberry pi Model 3. Raspbian Buster Version 10. Resilio Sync 2.7.2 (1375) 21g available (83% in use), and Resilio mentiones that it is running low on disk space. the workaround to edit the "disk_min_free_space" option did not work for me. EDIT: do you need further informations for troubleshooting? That issue is pretty annoying..
  2. when will resilio 2.5.x be released for NAS-systems?
  3. current workaround looks like this: enable the admin user. that's it after that, starting the btsync package is no problem anymore..
  4. Today i've updated my DS213j to DSM 6 and updated the btsync Package suitable for the cpu architecture (armada370). the btsync service doesn't start, an error message appears (see topic). i hope that the .spk just has the wrong filename.. does anyone has the same problem?
  5. i'm back and installed version 2.3.3 on all of my devices, before checking for any core dumps as i read the changelog i asked myself, if my problem is solved?!
  6. Ok, i'm short of time at the moment. Hope to get your tips/checks done this evening. Otherwise in about 10 days.. :-/
  7. Hey guys, I've got the problem, that sometimes the btsync service is stopped, after i booted or rebooted my synology ds213j. I'm running btsync 2.3.1 and DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3 Any ideas? Starting the service manually after boot is no problem.
  8. ok, maybe i'm too stupid. but i've made the following experience: sharing a folder like this (see attached screenshot) still needs the approval by the creator of the folder (not the one who produced the link!!) by appearing online - no interaction by the user in front of the pc (the one who created the folder-sync) is necessary. What do you mean with "share the key itself"
  9. What a pity.. so when i'm using btsync as free version and I reinstall my OS, all generated syncs are completely useless?! Why can't every owner approve new peers?
  10. is this still a fact in btsync 2.2.x??
  11. Hey guys, i've figrued out a strange behavior between my synology ds213j (btsync 2.2.1) and my mac osx (btsync 2.2.1) - both not the Pro version! There are two folders i want to sync. On both systems, the folders are in the same subdirectory. After adding "Folder -A-" on the synology, the device got approved and started indexing (the files were present at that moment). After finishing indexing it says "no peers". Meanwhile "Folder -B-" works fine with no problems. Any ideas? //edit: the available peer (Folder -A-) on Mac OS is NOT the synology.
  12. i guess you have the same problem, that is mentioned here i hope they fix it very soon!! i've never had those problems in 1.4.x although i haven't paid for the pro version, i'm pretty upset about 2.0...