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  1. Yes, I agree that this was very helpful information. RoyW's explanation was excellent and necessary for me and worked once I realised what to do. I have another question however. After getting everything installed and browsing to your_nas_ip:8888 and checking out settings etc. I created some folders on both my NAS, mac and PC. I had the files stored on the NAS, however nothing was happening for me and after a while I thought I would move them to the sync folder on the PC and then immediately they started syncing, however the NAS was left out of the sync. I am completely sync'd between PC and mac, however the NAS seems to be left out of the process. I would be grateful of any help with this. It is a perfect solution for me if I can just get the NAS to sync as well. If I need to post a new topic let me know, however as it would be related to this topic I thought best to have it here.