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  1. The behavior sounds normal for a read-only share to me. It sounds like you're looking for a sync-all-changes-except-for-deletion type of share which is neither the full access or read only option in BitTorrent Sync.
  2. I did read your post and it does have information but AFAIK you're not a developer on the project and just another user posting on this forum. If you do work on the project please PLEASE be more verbose in the updates and include that information with the software. Bug fixes? List 'em! Performance updates? List 'em! You may _think_ they're unimportant but it would have been really nice to be informed that the encryption was changed from 256-bit to 128-bit for performance sake. Instead I had to learn about it from this forum. Just be open with the changes. If you're not officially part of the project let me be clear about my frustration. I'm not complaining about your lack of information. I'm complaining about you making it up. I want real information directly from the project.
  3. So... no? I was more looking for something from the developer team or someone officially attached to the project.
  4. More like there are no notes whatsoever. None from the devs anyway. Even you posting that there have been "bug fixes" is more notes than the ones given. I don't think it's unreasonable to want specifics about software that is marketed as being more privacy and security concious when compared to other services. I do expect more of a changelog with 1.2 but I also expect explanations about how the software operates and what is patched.
  5. Hopefully we'll get more specific notes in the future.
  6. I have no idea what the ETA is but I did get a response from the feedback system that this is something they will support. They've been pretty darn quiet about things so I expect 1.2.x to be a big release. I really hope this is something included.
  7. Hopefully we'll get more than marketing with a 1.2.x release. They seem to be pretty hard at work on it.
  8. Hopefully being mentioned on last week's Security Now will get some more people aware of the importance of it all. FWIW communicating those things to the public is pretty darn important.
  9. I'm irritated that there isn't more information available. I won't get upset about it unless they offer the enterprise solution with the same information being absent. I can daydream about the project going to an open source license but with the enterprise beta signups I have reservations about that ever happening.
  10. @jvhaarst Thanks! The only thing I'd change is to use https. Works great! @nils The entropy thing makes total sense now. I'm still surprised at how quickly it works on OS X. That leads me to believe that it's either better at collecting entropy or somehow cheating. Either way thank you for the explanation.