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  1. I can't get the repository to work with Debian Wheezy (stable), it gives me a 404 error when doing an apt-get update. What should i do?
  2. Hello! I've been using BTSync for a few months already, and enjoying it a lot. It's a fantastic combination of technologies that is very useful for me. Today, in one of my two computers, this showed up: So that's two devices connected (the one in red is an identified, close to me one) but this IP is unknown for me. Can somebody help me? Shall i be worried or something?
  3. Hello! I have a doubt here; is it possible to change the location of an already sync'ed folder? Like, i have 'C:\Users\blah\BTSync' completely sync'ed but i need to move it to 'D:\BTSync'. Is it possible? Thanks for the help!