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  1. It has been 1 month and 10 days since I posted my problem and in the mean time I have download other newer versions that have appeared on this site. However, nothing seems to have solved the problem. I had emailed the support staff, and initially they engaged with me for a while asking me to submit the log file, inputting something in the log file, and then retesting. But, no resolution came from them. I have been waiting patiently, even bugging the support team every once in a while. I undertand that for a company there may be more important things to worry about than supporting a user through his problems. But, once you open a channel of communication to help users, it is expected that the company will follow through and respond in a reasonably timely manner. Otherwise, what is the point of letting users send an email to the support team if no one is going to follow up or even provide a we-give-up sort of answer.
  2. I would really like someone or the support team to look into this problem. If someone has a surface pro, could they please try installing and seeing if they have the same problem?
  3. Someone has got to have some idea as to why this is happening? Is there any more information that I could provide to help support team find answers? I had also emailed the support team with the log and a description of the problem, but I have not heard back from them.
  4. Let me report a few things that I have tried: 1. Ran it under compatibility mode as windows xp sp3, windows 7, and even vista. 2. Ran it under lower 640x480 resolution 3. Ran it as administrator 4. Uninstalled and then reinstalled. None of the above have worked so far. I looked in the log file at AppData\Roaming\Bittorrent Sync and found the following error message prepended by a time stamp: Can't write localization file. Error code 183 The complete log file which only contains the above message is attached as well (appended .txt extension to enable uploading). sync.log.txt
  5. I start it from the desktop mode only, however, the window does not appear. It is not in the system tray either.
  6. I installed BitTorrent Sync yesterday on my new Microsoft Surface Pro running 64 bit Windows 8 Professional. The install went along fine, but nothing happens when I open the program -- no error messages either. Although, I can see an entry for its corresponding exe in the Task Manager. I have rebooted the machine, put the program in the start up and even removed from it to no avail. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  7. That is what I expected when I opened the .syncIgnore file and edited and then tried to save it on my windows 8 pro 64 bit machine. I am never allowed to save it (error: Access to the file is denied.). I have to change the attributes and then it lets me save it. But, then if I open it again, the attributes are again changed back to hidden. It is annoying.
  8. Many thanks. Above worked fine. Any ideas as to why the .syncIgnore file has hidden attribute by default? I have to change it to archive only on windows to edit and save it? Exiting from the bittorrent sync app does not help either. Thanks for that vital info. So, then if you want to ignore all the files in a folder then, you have to write both the above rules?
  9. BitTorrent Sync is a fantastic software and I am using it to sync data inside my LAN and also across the internet. Everything seems to be working fine, albeit slow. However, my problem is with the .syncIgnore. I have read all the threads related to .syncIgnore, read the manual and I am still at a loss. Here is a simple step by step scenario that I created inside my LAN to test if and how .syncIgnore works 1. I have a windows 8, 64 bit pro machine where I created a folder called test and some subfolder and files as follows: test-->folder1-->file1 -->folder2-->file2 -->folder3-->file3 I added the above test folder to my btsync 1.1.27 client on this windows 8 machine and the client immediately created a .syncIgnore file inside the folder test. 2. Next, I opened the above .syncIgnore file in notepad to add following line at the end /folder2 /folder3 with the intention that I want these two folders and the files inside them to be ignored. When I tried to save this file, I got an error saying that the Access to the file is denied. I changed the attributes of the file from hidden to archive and then I was able to save it. 3. I copied the secret for the above test folder and created a new folder also called test in my ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit server (running the latest version of btsync downloaded from here) with this secret. A new .syncIgnore file was created inside the test directory, which I did not edit. 4. I noticed in history that btsync on my windows machine showed that all of the above folders and files were being added and almost immediately after that they all appeared on my ubuntu server, which is not what I expected. I tried to change the forward slash in the .syncIgnore file mentioned in step 2 above to backward slash (unix style), but that did not make any difference. I also copied the .syncIgnore file from windows to the ubuntu machine manually, restarted the btsync on both windows and linux machine, but to not avail. Can someone who has the .syncIgnore working please advise me as to what I may be doing wrong? Or, if it is easier, please take the above scenario as an example and let me know what I should try to make it work?