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  1. Is it possible to use the same API on iOS and Android? I would love to port my app to mobile.
  2. No sorry no android version yet. I'd like to get the desktop version in a good state first
  3. Hey everyone, I recently wrote a decentralized web browser on top of btsync. BTSync handles all the file distribution, so to load a page you just have to enter the secret. I am working on integrating namecoins which will handle the name resolution so you do not have to memorize a secret. You can read more on my website: And you can follow along with the development on github: TorrentFreak also recently wrote about this project: Let me know if you have any ideas or questions! I'd love some feedback from some actual btsync users.
  4. Hey guys, I wrote a module that makes it easy to interface with the btsync API from python. Check it out Here is some sample code: >>> # this code assumes a btsync instance is running>>> from btsync import BTSync>>> btsync = BTSync()>>> btsync.get_folders()[{u'dir': u'/Users/jack/sync/notes', u'error': 0, u'files': 13, u'indexing': 0, u'secret': u'NOPE', u'size': 70867, u'type': u'read_write'}]I have only been wrapping the API calls as I need them, so not all have a nice method name. I should finish them soon, but for now you can just use the `request` method directly, like so: `btsync.request({'method': 'get_folder_peers', 'secret': 'blah'})`
  5. I am also experiencing this, did you ever find a solution?