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  1. Another problem I have with paying for btsync, apart from the subscription, is that for me the program is still in beta as the my NAS (MyBookLive) is still not going to sleep mode with 1.4x.
  2. I have to say that I don't really get the subscription thing... If a service hosts data I completely understand that I have to pay a subscription fee but for a software that runs on my machines and where I do provide all the storage and the bandwidth and I have to do all the configuration, I do not want to pay a subscription fee. For software I pay one time and then again for a new major update, subscriptions are for service or rent of server capacity/bandwidth...
  3. I have problems with btsync 1.4.91/92 on my NAS (MyBook Live) The NAS recently crashed and now it is up and running, the dtaa partition that also houses the btsync binary and data folder was not harmed. After the crash I upgraded to 1.4.91 and since then btsync finds the other clients but does not download. I deleted everything and readded all the folders, with no success. I added by either using the new sharing feature or by adding the folder and then changing the secret to the ones from the clients. The weird thing is that once I add a folder that is not yet existing on my NAS everything works perfectly. I also tried adding as a new/empty folder, then moving the data into the empty folder and restarting btsyn, which makes btsync again stopping to sync... edit: clients are still running 1.4.83 so I tried to revert to 1.4.83 on the NAS, which crashed, so I went back to 1.4.92 and suddenly one of the "not empty" folders started syncing just to stop again a minute later with lots of errors like: "LoadTorrent: number of pieces in torrent file doesn't match for file ..."
  4. My WD MyBookLive also won't spin down with 1.3.80... @0xdefec: how do you read out the access times? What logfile is this?
  5. even with 1.3 my MyBook Live NAS won't go to sleep. Didn't check the logfiles yet but it is running/blinking since I started btsync 1.3
  6. Is there a way to stop logging or move the logfile to /var/log/... when running in daemonmode? I need to redirect the logfiles to a ramdisk as logging is preventing my MyBookLive NAS from spinning down the disk
  7. RomanZ: good to hear that! What about the problem of SyncID and sync.log eing updated almost every second when devices are connected but no data is being copied? http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/20072-btsync-inhibits-disk-hibernation-interaction-with-syncid-file When I have no other clients running my MyBookLive spins down and restarts every 30min but otherwise it won't spindown at all.
  8. Hey, i have the same problem with a Western Digital MybookLive NAS. btsync is preventig it from hibernating. In addition to the .SyncID file I thing the sync.log is also a problem as it gets updated almost every second with "Incoming connection from... " messages.
  9. Sadly increasing the folder-rescan-interval does not hep on a MyBook Live NAS and I can't find out why...
  10. I changed the folder rescan interval on my MyBookLive but it did not help. However what I found in the logs during nights was that it woke up every 30min. Right now I increased the folder rescan interval from 0min to 6h on my other PC that is running 24/7. Maybe this PC contacting my MyBookLive woke it up...
  11. Found out that the NAS is using ramlog, not sure how I could move the data-directory there. logfile was "silent" over night, still the NAS woke up every 30min. reindexing is set to 12h so this can't be the problem. Is there any file-modification inside the btsync data directory that is performed every 30min?
  12. Thought about that but the ram-disk is too small... I'll try a symlink but as the link has to be accessed as well...
  13. Is there a way to decrease the logging level or disable logging completely? Moving the logfile to /var/log/ would help me as well. My problem: I am running btsync on a Western Digital MyBook Live NAS and the NAS won't enter sleepmode when btsync is running. I think the logfile might be the problem as it is logging stuff constantly, thus accesing the harddisk. The MyBooks own logfiles (it is running debian) are located in /var/log/ which is located on a ram-disk, not the HDD, in order to not wake the MyBook up all the time. If this is really it and there is a way to disable or move the logfile would make me very happy
  14. I updated to 1.1.70 on my MyBook Live and still have the issue that btsync prevents the NAS from entering sleep mode. Is there a tracker where I could file a bug for this?