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  1. Why there is always someone that comes out with such silly comments? Well, back to the point. Thank you RomanZ for your response. Those errors are able to survive reboots, but following your suggestion I tried a simple app that triggers the rescan and it works. I don't know if my issue is widespread or not. Anyway, if I take a picture, it gets added to the gallery, so other apps do the update. I think that btsync too should request the update, maybe avoiding more than a request per hour or so. Meanwhile, I'm happy with this manual workaround. Thank you again for your support.
  2. Hi, I use btsync on my smartphone and on my wife's one. Both run Android 2.3.x. I use automatic synchronization and that works fine. Something weird happens after synchronization: if I look at the synchronized folders using a file manager app, I can see that changes have been propagated correctly, but apps like gallery and media player do not see them. I need to restart the phone to get new songs or images listed. Even worse, deleted images are still thumbnailed and survive reboots! It does not seems to be a btsync bug: files have been transferred. But if I add or delete files using the file manager or a PC connection, other apps react correctly. Maybe there is some kind of event that should be called after synchronization?
  3. I think that BTSync developers should allow us to run multiple instances of the application to overcome this limitation. As an example, I'm using it to sync folders across 3 PCs at home, but I also have a USB drive which contains a backup. When I connect it to one of the PCs, I could just run the portable version and do the sync, but this is not allowed since BTSync is already running there.