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  1. Great; I've used little snitch to capture just the traffic from BTsync, ran the debug logs. I'll pm you a link to them.
  2. I've got 7 shared folders. Everything has been syncing for a while so everything looks good. For each folder, treble checked, settings changed so that: * Relay disabled * Tracking server disabled * Search LAN disabled * Search DHT network disabled Shut down and restarted BTSync. Version is 1.3.94. So there shouldn't be any connections to anywhere since no folders have options set. Yet LittleSnitch shows 4-5KB/received and 500b sent, per second, with connections to around 3000 servers with the number increasing. And it's random IP addresses, across the entire range (31.76,xxx,xxx, 77,31,x
  3. Version 1.2.29 on OSX By default .SyncIgnore doesn't contain .fseventsd. It probably should.
  4. > This is a known issue, replacing files with old versions. Known where?
  5. "Me too". Without at least the tracker enabled I can't get a Windows machine and a Mac on the same wifi to see each other, tick that option and 20 seconds later they're happily chattering away. Turn that option back off and they continue to be happy to talk until I reboot one of them... then back to not being able to see. I *think* multicast is enabled on my wifi and working correctly, but who can tell ;-)