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  1. As is mentioned on this thread... It would be great if the app would automatically sync. I have other apps that automatically do things in the background - the application "Downcast" is good at this.
  2. I sometimes run across audio files on the web that I would like to listen to later on my iPhone. I have set up BT Sync so that I download the files on my laptop to a 'podcasts' directory, which then gets synced to my webserver. The webserver has a small java based webapp running in Tomcat that serves up a podcast feed of the synced podcast directory, and then my iPhone (using the podcast app "Downcast") automatically gets a copy of the file too.
  3. Please add a little more information to this dialog, as it is completely non-intuitive what the 'correct' answer for this is. I had to figure it out by searching the web. Perhaps something like this: The destination folder you specified 'full path to folder' seems to belong to a previous installation of BitTorrent Sync. If this is the case, and you would like to transfer ownership of the folder to this version of BitTorrent Sync, choose the "reset ownership" button below. If you would like to leave the folder alone, then choose the "Cancel" button below and choose a different folder to sync. &