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  1. The notifications on OSX can be a bit annoying if you've recently synced a lot of small files as they appear on top of everything else and flood the screen. Ended up disabling them because they became to irritating, although ideally i'd have liked to have left them on. This is on 1.2.73 running on OSX 10.9
  2. Indeed this would be useful for Dedicated/VPS servers where one want's to use them as a "cloud" storage.
  3. Forgive me if I'm being stupid but how does one go about setting this up? I can only see the option for read only or read/write as usual.
  4. I had a OVF export from a linux virtual machine that I wanted to BTsync with a few locations but the machine it was generated on is sitting on an ADSL line with terrible upload. I ended up taking a copy Home on a USB drive being careful not to include the .sync files when I dumped the file from the USB drive into the BTsync dir on my Home machine Btsync re-indexed the folder and worked out the files were the same. This also Vastly sped up the transfer speeds to the remaining Locations as my Home machine is on a VDSL2 line with 20Mbit/s upload.
  5. Might be worth giving Ajax explorer a shot - http://ajaxplorer.info/ I found it to be a bit more robust that owncloud, I'd also recommend mod_xsendfile for apache (I believe there's an equivilent module on nginx if required) if you plan to serve up large files with it
  6. Bump Still seeing this on one of my hosts. Version 1.1.48 Seems to be totally ingoring any download speed restrictions.
  7. I appear to be blocked from any of the BTsync client downloads if I try and download them from Home. AWS always returns the following error. 403 Forbidden Code: AccessDenied Message: Access Denied RequestId: B4B4B64119EF1EA5 HostId: LNXvpBwHTRUVnCmVNoeXLn7qZiNv8l+AHgkgOCZPdnRheAf1e6RSogk/32BfyMdB An Error Occurred While Attempting to Retrieve a Custom Error Document Code: AccessDenied Message: Access Denied Home ISP is Sky Broadband, Noticed this a while ago and just assumed at the time it was a tempoary error but it doesn't seem to be. I'm guessing one or more of my ISP's IP ranges are banned for whatever reason as the download URL definately works as I can remote into another machine that's on a different connection and it downloads there fine.
  8. I've been playing with BTsync and have noticed a problem on a machine running Debian 7.1 X64 with BTsync 1.1.42 X64 in that it appears to be ignoring any download speed limits set either in the webGUI or in the config file (Tried both methods) Stangely it appears to be obeying the speed limit for uploads though. The same Build running on Ubuntu 12.04 seems to correctly thorttle transfers in both directions if configured to do so in the settings. The Debian machine is a KVM Vm and the Ubuntu one is a XenPV (Citrix Xenserver) Vm