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  1. I'm using it to sync my work machine (PC) to my home machine (MBP). For the most part trying to figure out syncing my music library at work with my library at home. I'm syncing my work music library to my "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder on my home Mac but there seems to be a bit of a timing issue there. I think my "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder is scanning that folder too quickly and moving my audio files to "Not Added". The files are getting created as "x_song.mp3.!sync" on my home machine. Anybody else trying to do a similar thing?

    I'm having the exact same problem as you. Would really like to solve this!
  2. I've setup Bittorrent sync on two machines. One of them syncs with just a "regular" folder (C1) and the other one syncs with the "Add automatically to iTunes"-folder (C2). C1 has read/write permissions and C2 has read-only.

    My problem is that it just doesn't work. When the sync is completed I can't see any files on C2 (which I shouldn't because files are moved from "Add automatically to iTunes" to iTunes) but I can't find any files in iTunes either. It works on rare occasions with some music files but I can never get it to work with bigger files such as movies or TV-episodes.

    I think that the problem occurs because iTunes doesn't wait until the files are completely synced.

    Anyone have a solution for this? I thought it might work if iTunes ignored files that end with ".!sync" but I can't find a solution for that.