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  1. No it is not. Please see grabhive's answer He did not say he reverse engineered the application binary. He might have started by experimenting and discovering how it works. Agreed. I am very impressed with your work and please carry on.
  2. Hi, I used my old and useless Chumby to be a super awesome backup server with BtSync. I have a writeup here:
  3. - Doesn't work on Buffalo LinkStation Duo Pro (Both firmware 3.03 stock and debian wheezy and jessie) - Works on Raspberry Pi. - Works on Chumby. - Works on Beaglebone Black (Debian wheezy).
  4. > Creating a shared folder. Seconded this. Being able to create shared folders on the GUI would be great!
  5. I have bittorrent sync installed and it worked beautifully on my Android device, a Raspberry Pi and my laptop. However when I tried to install btsync on my NAS to sync with the rest... and it surprisingly doesn't work. The file would not be created, due to metadata being 0. Also, when I tried to remove a source, the program would just crash and quit. I suspect this is a bug that has something to do with the CPU I'm having, however since I don't have any other debugging information, I can't pinpoint to anything... I wonder if anyone can help me with that. I'm running debian jessie/sid on the NA