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  1. That's a great suggestion. I appreciate being able to control use of tracker server and relay servers but If I had to choose I would rather just have a "lan only" since those two other options are probably going to be used in 99% of the cases to lock down lan only. Mostly I wish i had a way of making it lan only without having to do it by forcing at both ends. Maybe on one machine I want a directory to only sync on the lan but on another I want that same directory to sync no matter where. The way the options are set up now I'm pretty sure that unless all machines have tracker off you end up synching because one can find the other (I may be wrong about this but I think in my test that was the case).
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before. If I have a folder I want to only sync over LAN I have to run off "Use relay server" and "Use Tracker server" on both instances of bitTorrent sync? I can't have a machine that only sycs a folder when on the LAN but also have other machines that sync regardless? LAN only sync can only be enforced if both sides have those settings? Thanks
  3. What does "Search DHT network" do?
  4. This is what I thought but do I need to do it on both ends or only on one end?
  5. Is there a way to limit a folder to sync only when a LAN connection can be established? Some folders are very big and I don't need them updated unless we are connecting to a machine on the local LAN. Thanks....