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  1. Battery Drain!! The battery usage of the Android app is extremely heavy. Prior to installing, I could get an entire day of phone usage on a single charge. While using Bittorrent Sync, my phone sometimes runs out of charge by noon. Looking at the battery information, I've seen Bittorrent Sync use as much as 44%. This really needs to be addressed. Lastly, BubbleUPnP will not run while Bittorrent Sync is running.
  2. For me, Bittorrent Sync as solved all of my problems. About 2 years ago, I purchased a NAS. I store everything there. In fact, the 3 PC's in our house don't store any data locally. I've mapped the network drives on all the PC's and this has eliminated the need for any sync software on any of the PC's. The largest problem has always been accessing the data from mobile devices. Actually, to be clear, there have been a lot of ways that I could access the data, but there has never been a good sync option from mobile. I could connect via WebDav or FTP, but Android downloads the file locally for editing. I'd then have to manually re-upload the file back to the NAS. Shockingly, NAS manufacturers haven't gotten an out-of-the-box sync solution. A huge reason for buying a NAS was to eliminate my dependency on cloud storage services. I've installed the Bittorrent sync server on my NAS. The install was extremely easy. Again, since i access all of the data on the server via mapped drives, I don't need to install BitTorrent Sync on the PC's in the house. On my Android phones and tablets, I've chosen to sync my DCIM picture folders to a common folder on the NAS. Whenever I take a picture on any mobile device, the picture is automatically sent to my NAS, and also synced to all of my Android devices. Pretty sweet! If my wife takes a picture on her phone, it comes directly to my phone. It's instant photo sharing for the family. It's then extremely easy to access the pictures on our PC's. I've also chosen to backup some folders from our mobile devices. Titanium Backup, Whatsapp messages, Ringtones. ect. As such, I always have an up-to-date backup of important information on my server. Lastly, I'm syncing my Documents across all of my mobile devices. I now have local access to any of my documents and editing / saving changes are automatically synced across all devices. I've been able to completely eliminate Dropbox now and maintain complete control of my data. Thanks Bittorrent! In my opinion, BTSync is a complete Dropbox killer already. For those of you wishing for API, Streaming, better UI, just wait. It will evolve into something completely extraordinary.