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  1. Hi Helen, thanks for your reply. it didn't work out but at least I knew that it should work, theoretically. In the end I just uninstalled btsync, deleted the folder in Appdata/Roaming, deleted the folder in Program Files(68), killed and restarted the exporer (which I had to do anyway to be able to delete the dll files) and then finally reinstalled btsync. And: now it works. This is a relieve since partial syncing doesn't really do the trick if one can't select individual files.
  2. Hi! I have the exact same problem. I'm running ver 2.0.128 With my 1.4 folder this works just perfect, but with my 2.0 folder contextual options are missing. Plz help TY
  3. Hi, I have a lot of files shared by btsync between my machines and I also installed btsync on my android. I did activate the option not to automatically sync, Now sometime I want to look at a file and I download it manually. After watching it, I don't need it anymore on my phone so I'd like to delete it. What happens then? will the file be deleted locally only because autosync is off? what happens if I ever turn autosync on? How do I sync it in case I modified it? Thanks and cheers Junge
  4. I had a similar problem when syncing my win and linux machines. My linux machine is not using utf-8 but iso8859-15. the folders where synced before using btsync. since btsync can only handle utf-8 filenames it couldn't sync files with special characters from my linux machine - like üöäéèê. so it synced the files from win to linux. this led to the fact that I had those files twice on linux. tüst.txt and something like tüst.txt e.g. the funny thing is that btsync was aware of those files on linux but couldn't sync them. It showed me +2000 more files and 1.5 GB more on linux than on windows - it also never stopped syncing although it didn't do anything anymore... may be this helps?
  5. Thank you for the answer. Still I think this is bug. BTSync shouldn't just assume something. It should read the locales like every other program and afterwards KNOW which character set is beeing used. So far the system works quite fine with iso8859-15. afaik Windows uses Win-1252 which is iso8859-something anyway. There won't be any filenames windows can't handle. Sooo... any other suggestions? Thank you
  6. Hi guys I installed btsync on 3 machines: 2 win and 1 linux machine. the sync between the win machines works fine. but the sync to the linux machines causes problems. before I startet the sync via btsync I manually synced with a windows programm over samba, so all the files were identical. now after starting btsync all files that had special characters like german umlauts (üöä) or french accents (éèê) caused problems. btsync made an extra copy of these files on my linux machine. This led to the fact that all files with special characters in their names that exististed before I started the initial btsync where duplicated on my linux machine. eg zfrénch and zfrénch When I create (as an example) a file named: zfrénch on my win machine - on my linux machine I get a file named: zfrénch Also when I create a file with special characters on my linux machine btsync doesn't recognize it and therefore doesn't sync it. btsync is not able to read files with filenames containing special characters on my linux machine. I use the 1.1.42-2~wheezy debian package called btsync. my linux system runs with the de_DE@euro locale which is iso8859-15 or latin-9. I would really appreciate some help with this since btsync is a really great program and I would like to enjoy it to it's full extent.