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  1. Hi together.

    Since I replaced my old dlink router with a Tplink 841,i can reach my shares only at home. I think the tplink SPI FW is more restrictive.

    I don't want to switch off the FW,upnp seems not to solve my problem .

    Socks proxy would be my prefered solution. With Firefox and a Juice ssh tunnel I can access my rpi.

    But not with sync. I tried all possible configurations. 

    Can somebody confirm socks is usable?


    Happy syncing 


  2. I had to do a factory reset of my mobile.


    After reinstalling of my loved btsync i want to sync folowing folders:






    Is this not longer possible? :mellow:

    Only one Basefolder? :(

    No Way to select a Folder, only scanning the QR? :o


    Hopefuily there is a solution.


    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hallo everybody,

    my first post here...

    I am very happy with BTSync.

    I use it on Win7-64,Vista,ARM NAS and since last Week on Android.

    I would like to have a Function "empty recycle bin".

    I am surprised, that nobody has asked for it...

    Maybe there is such a Function and havent fount it.

    A Function to cleanup the Version Folders would also be nice.

    Happy syncing,