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  1. Hi, Is there a log event or something I can check not in the UI? St-mich
  2. Hi, Is there a way to be notified once a peer is not online since more than a certain time ? Regards. Julien
  3. No I have tracker and relay enabled, I didn't set them. Not DHT. What I am wondering is the use of those. St-mich
  4. Hi, I'm testing GlassWire, and I have seen that despite the fact that my devices are all in sync since 7 hours, there are constant connection happening with many various host all the time. What are those exactly ? St-mich
  5. Hi, Thanks for 1 and 2, and yes 3 is to check any suggestion or opinion. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I'm now using your product a lot and I really feel this is very useful. I will post later on what I think is missing, but I'm still for the moment figuring out all the various things I can do. And my main question right now is in the case of : - Having a source PC (where is the main content) - Having a mobile (in this use case only accessible remotely to the content) - Having another PC (on which I also want to remotely access the content, not to sync it) It's actually possible on the phone, to get a read only folder and not to sync it, which end up to have the whole folder structure but not the files, which are accessible in view, but not on the phone and if needed you can download one. This is very powerfull, because it's a remote access to all of your data without syncing them : the day you need you download ! Question 1 : If I download one file in that case and if I modify it, as it's read only, the changes won't be reflected correct ? Question 2 : how can I do the same use case with the second PC ? How can I see the folder structure and the remote content without copying it totally ? Question 3 : it looks that it's not possible (I think I do understand why) to have a sync folder inside of another one. I guess this require to segment totally the folder structure by use case then, which is a tricky part to explain. Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards. Julien