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  1. Thanks NeoXid for the response, the silence from the BTSync team on this topic is also noted.
  2. That does not answer my question, which is a pretty simple one. Or let me put it simpler... Can anyone/thing at any time or place, regardless of motivation, identify what data I am transmitting, without me deliberately sharing my key with that person/object ? Option 1) Yes or Option 2) No A sharing of knowledge on option 1 (Yes), is optional but would be just awesome.
  3. Hi, simple question that I couldn't find an answer to easily. Is anyone besides the recipient of the key able to see what type of files/data are being transferred over any network ? I've read of Bittorrent users being reported by their ISPS for seeding/uploading torrents, is this possible with BTSync ? Thanks
  4. I have a question relating to .SyncArchive, probably not an issue application wise but an issue for how I am using it. I am syncing large video files on my local network however the .SyncArchive folder is just growing rapidly (currently using more space than the actual data I am syncing). Is .SyncArchive required for SyncApp to function properly, can I set the time period for SyncApp to 0 days ?