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  1. Hi Cocoproxy, Thanks a lot for your interest. But no, I re test it today and still have the same problem.
  2. Thanks a lot for the answer The installer call for gdiplus.dll and the ipha*.dll that in 2000 not run.
  3. Hi all, I have a problem when try to install on windows 2000. gdiplus.dll, which version is requerid?
  4. Hi all, Today i'm here to ask about installations on windows 2000 (server on my case) Is supported? Thanks a lot,
  5. To start, Thanks a lot for all this work. I suggest divide the app in two parts, or exes: one a front-end and two a service. The first for the configuration work, history check, connection status, etc. more or less that the actual front-end The second do the sync (hard) work. The benefits: - you not need to be logged on the pc - multi user with a shared config - not necesary keep the front end open to keep the syncronization. - is the main door to use the app in enterprise enviroments (like my case ;P) Another suggestion: - a mailing list for information when a new release is ready to download, may be including the changelog.
  6. Interesting! I don't know if apply to my; but i test this in one of media center server (in my case, i have ~400 clients and 4 media center with the backup robots) Yes, of course, an increment to 1800 (half hour) it's ok. Excelent tip, i need to set up this on both ends (client and server)?
  7. Hi, are you talking about the sync_trash_ttl? It's relative to your storage capacity, in my case i reduce it to a 10 to see the space used ratio. Additionally, i formatted the volume for the shared folders into 64K to reduce the IO.
  8. Hi, First, thanks a lot, is an excelente manual. In the 1st point, is important to say, install btsync with the user that you will put en the "log on" tab on the service window in the 10th point. Because, the configuration is per user, not for all in the machine. Again, thanks a lot!
  9. Hi people, I'm Diego, work on Conexia and I love Sync! I'm here to talk about the use of bysync to copy the back ups (and other stuff) from a lot of client to a central server where the files goto a tape. At this moment, I have 5 CentOS clients sending files to a Windows 2008 R2. All the btsyncs apps are working as a service. All the CentOS have one shared folder (all by config file) Windows only have RO Secrets (configured by the GUI) Additionally, i formatted the volume for the shared folders into 64K to reduce the IO. Please, let me know what you think and how to get it better. Saludos, Diego
  10. Hi all, I'm Diego from Argentina, i'm a developer... microsoft deverloper... work with Visual Basic .net and don't let us out. Please, considering release the api for windows enviroment. Thanks a lot