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  1. Thanks, Jimmy. I downloaded this and made a quick test. It installs without problems on my S3 and also a quick test with syncing worked. Yeah M.
  2. Well, I am nearly 100% (about 99,9999999999%) sure that the S3 is based on Arm, as well as S1,S2 and S4. At least from S4 I have seen positive reports of the working app. I just think there is something wrong with the playstore... Why can't you (or whoever...) not just provide the apk somewhere? Not everybody needs the playstore to download and install an app..
  3. Hi, I just wanted to install the android app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 via the Playstore, but Playstore says that it's not compatible with my phone. Currently, Bittorrent Sync 1.1.27 is on the playstore. Why is it marked incompatible with the S3? And is there any reliable/secure place where I can download the most recent apk 1.1.48 or newer (maybe with hash info etc) manually to see what's not working on the S3? Regards, Martin