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  1. Personally a 'Enterprise' solution is needed. A means to keep an eye on the swarm of syncing, remote installation (scriptable), statistical information. Outside of this; Flat file option for predefined hosts (easily updatable on multiple devices when a new node is created). A 'true' windows service. A silent windows installation (including secret) - mass deployable. DayPart scheduling (reducing up/down between the hours of 12:00 - 17:00). Private tracker/relay. I might have the wrong end of the stick with 'full access/read only' but in my experience 'read only' only downloads and doesn't share with peers. Full access allows sharing but also allows the modification of the files also. It would be awesome to have sharing, but any alterations to the files on a node will only result in it re-downloading from the swarm again. (Decentralised file sharing - centrally controlled )
  2. Does this portable mode still exist on the latest version, i have tried this a muttiple times and never had the option. Also, with this portable option would i then be able to give a copy to multiple usb keys and create a swarm of replicated USB keys?
  3. In an attempt to try and keep everything within the closed network, without getting any chatter to the outside world i have turned off alll relay/tracker options but have started to use the predefinded hosts with some good success. My question is where is this information held? Is it in a location that is text editable? I will be looking to get a multiple amount of hosts, and manually adding each host's list seems like an impossible task Thanks in advanceĀ¬