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  1. Suppose my source directory is on my Mac. Do you mean the same .SyncIgnore file needs to be copied to every synced folder and subfolder on the Mac before syncing? And after syncing to the Linux system--will I need to copy the same .SyncIgnore to all the cloned folders there too? I may not be up for all that.
  2. Installed on ReadyNAS NV+ v2 (ARM) without a problem. It works great. 1. Download Linux ARM compressed binary btsync_arm.tar.gz 2. scp file to root directory on ReadyNAS. 3. ssh to ReadyNAS, uncompress and untar the binary. 4. Load BTSync by typing ./btsync at command line. 5. Append "/root/btsync" to /etc/rc.local for automatic load on restart. (untested) 6. Accessed the GUI via http://<ReadyNAS IP>:8888/gui/
  3. Sorry, didn't realize Linux/ARM was already available. It works great!
  4. I've seen requests for BTSync on other ReadyNAS varieties but not my ReadyNAS NV+ v2 (ARM). Is this in the works? Thanks.