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  1. Thanks! You're right, when I disconnected and re-connected the folder it allowed me to specify a target folder
  2. I have 2 folders (Music) on both of my devices, both with the same name. However my other device is automatically creating a new folder "Music (1)" since the Music folder currently exists. I can't find any way to force it to use the same Music folder which already exists
  3. Thanks for the reply GreatMarko I completely forgot about this thread and should have checked back sooner. The problem actually occurs for files which are already on the machine. In my case both machines already had an initial snapshot of all of my songs (carried over from usb with the same folder structure and filenames). But when I turned on bitsync those songs which were already in place were suddenly renamed with the .!sync extension (not all of them, just some), unnecessarily and never renamed back
  4. I know I know! People have complained about this before, but in my case this isn't something I can simply brush off. I'm using btsync to keep my music folders completely in sync between my computers. Pretty cool right? The problem is that my files are being renamed to %.!sync and are no longer recognized by my music player. I've wrote up a little bash script to fix this, but it would be much more desirable to avoid the file renaming altogether. Is this something that could be fixed in the future? find -L . -type f -name '*.!sync' -print0 | while IFS= read -r -d '' file; do eval $(echo mv "$(printf '%q' "$file")" "$(printf '%q' "$file" | sed -e 's/\.\\\!sync//g')"); done the above works in bash. Not sh or fish