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  1. Anyway to have a true backup for android that doesn't delete files on other clients once it is deleted from the server (mobile). I have my phone set up to backup my pictures and video to my desktop and server, but when I delete something off my phone it deletes off of my desktop and server. I would like the option to have the files that I delete off my phone stay on my desktop and server and transfer to other devices if added.
  2. I put a ticket in on this issue a few moths ago. They said they would add it to the next version... Yet to see it. Had the same issue if it was the same file with just a different name.
  3. Where do I get said 1.1.33? It does not seem to be in the market?
  4. I think it would be nice to password protect the http access for linux. Also I think the option of adding a personal password along with the secret would be nice. This would give people added security since they know the password wouldn't be random generated. I would just have the option for secret mandatory as it is needed, but then you could also give a personal password that would be prompted when setting up the folder on another device.
  5. Need an option for mobile to mobile transfer to show and input secret, instead of only QR codes. This way two or more users could use the app to sync things when in different areas and cannot scan the QR code..
  6. Do files get hashed when they are indexed? I have files that have different names and but same exact MD5 and they are still being sent. I have 3 computers that are syncing files, two have the files but some of the names are different. Do files get hash checked before sending to save bandwidth and space. There should be an option to do name checking and/or hash checking before sending file. The two computers that have the files are sending things back and forth to each other even though they have the same hash when completed. This is wasting bandwidth from the 3 pc that could be downloading a l
  7. I think an autostart option would be more than helpful for most users. even if it took root permissions on android. I hate that the app doesn't start after I reboot my phone. It would really help for constant sync of pictures and other data.