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  1. Do you mean that I could actually disable a setting inside Resilio Sync and the ".sync" hidden folder would be gone? If this is the case, where can I find this setting? Should I disable it both ways (in the Resilio Sync app in my PC and in the NAS)? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Maybe it could be a feature requested... shouldn't be a big deal to tell the app to search for the .sync folder somewhere outside the folder it is synching.
  3. I do not really know if there is a setting for this... or if this question has already been asked. Sorry if one of these is the case. I use Resilio (Home personal version) to sync some folders between my PC and a WD Mycloud EX4100. At the same time, the same folders are synched to my Onedrive account (through symbolic link)... Now, it often happens that Onedrive keeps spinning trying to sync the files (probably "TEMP" files or others) in the ".sync" hidden folder. Since Onedrive MS support is rather pathetic (they are not able to let people exclude files and folders from th
  4. I second this feature request. I believe no other sync apps have this, and it would be a deal breaker for many willing to move away from public clouds, like Onedrive, which offer this feature.
  5. I don't know how this happened, but yesterday I installed version 1.4.91 beta, and, lo and behold, today my WD MyCloud EX2 was actually sleeping!!!
  6. I am using sync app to sync folders and files between my NAS (a My Cloud EX2) and my 1TB Onedrive account, using my TabletPC as "middleman". It so happens that, the ".sync" folder - which is a hidden folder in Windows - which is located in every synched folder, shows up in my Onedrive account as a normal/visible folder. Since it is not possible to hide the folder in Onedrive, I was wondering if it is possible to "centralize" the .sync folder (have one of them for all synched folders) and to place it outside the folders that are being synched, so that it does not show up every here and the
  7. Just checking if there has been any improvement on this issue. I see that btsync app now has a unified UI throughout devices, so one should be able to control folder rescan in Linux directly in UI... is this right? Does it change anything with the sleeping issue?
  8. I would add to the list the WD MyCloud family: I am using BtSync app on the WD MyCloud EX2 (using the app for ARM), but I know of people using it on MyCloud and on MyCloud EX4. Install is pretty straightforward, the only issue is the limited options available on the WebGUI. Of course one could install the btsync.bin with the .config and tweak the config options there, but it would be great to have more - if not all - the options available on GUI. I say this because the WD MyCloud devices (at least my EX2 device, but others complain too) do not sleep when btsync is running... and perhaps the on
  9. Oh, ok! Thanks! This means that the option "folder_rescan_interval" should be set for each folder... or is there a way to make it valid for all folders (like it is for desktop app)?
  10. Thank you again! I am just a novice to Debian, so I still find it difficult to understand everything... So, if I got it right, at the end of the day, I just need to execute the btsync.bin with the "--config btsync.config" bit at the end of the line (I just used the --dump-sample-config to get the config file and add the "folder_rescan_interval" setting). Two questions, if I may: - Should I keep the btsync.bin and btsync.config somewhere in my NAS (other than in a share, like Public share, but rather in a place like /usr/sbin)? - I do not get what you mean by: "I'd advise to config your share
  11. { "device_name": "MyCloud", "listening_port" : 0, // 0 - randomize port "check_for_updates" : true, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "folder_rescan_interval" : 10800, "lan_encrypt_data" : false, "rate_limit_local_peers" : true, "lan_use_tcp" : true,//"use_relay_server" : false,//"use_tracker" : false,//"use_dht" : false,} So, I did a little study: The one above could be the btsync.config : And now for the command... well, I dunno... perhaps, assuming that both btsync.bin and btsync.config are located in \shares\Public\, something like: chmod
  12. thanks for the replies. I think I got it... still I am wondering why just running btsync does not create automatically a .config file where one can set advanced parameters (or, even better, does not create a WebUI section where one can set these parameters)... I'll study this and see if I can write a .config and run btsync with it...
  13. I cannot find the .config file on my WD My Cloud... I just "run" btsync for ARM app from ssh access using WinSCP. Is it possible that it did not create a .config file? If it did, where should I possibly look for it?
  14. Could you please explain how I can set 12 hours rescan interval? I can do it on my desktop app, but I do not find the option on the ARM app...
  15. BTSYNC app works also on WD MyCloud and MyCloud EX4, just use the ARM version of the app. I also suggest to untar the file first on your PC or Mac, place it on the WD device, and then just run the "btsync" file from there.