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  1. Imagine a situation where a folder needs to be mirrored to different computers and you don't know how people uses those computers. They could accidentally modify or delete any file, either manually or by another program. There should be a way to ensure that content on the readonly side is mirrored. This would be a powerful feature for remote content delivery that is not reliable right now. Also, the problem is not only that the modified files are not 'restored' but, as I explain in steps 5 and 6, if the file changes in the source computer then it's not replicated anymore. If this behaviour doesn't fit the original 'read-only' idea maybe there could be an additional share option, along with the 'full-access', called 'mirror' that behaves as I explain. I'm sure that this would open lots of possibilities like network administrators in public centers, universities or schools. Even private usage for backing up a folder into a friend's hard-drive without worrying if he broke any file..
  2. When a folder is shared with the readonly secret and a file is modified in the target computer, that file is no longer sync'd even if it changes in the source computer later. The file is correctly deleted in the target computer when deleted from the source computer though. How to reproduce this: 1. On computer A, create a folder and share it using its Read only secret. 2. On computer A, create a text file in the shared folder with the text "Hello from A". 3. On computer B, add the shared folder and wait sync to complete. 4. On computer B, modify the contents of the text file with "Hello from B". In this step, because it's shared readonly I'm not sure whether Bittorrent Sync should watch and download the file again or not. I don't know if this could be an option so it always keeps the original version, but it's not the issue I describe here. The problem arises in the following step: 5. On computer A, modify the contents of the text file with "Hello from A again". 6. Now, on computer B the file is not replaced anymore and the version with "Hello from B" is always kept there no matter if the original file changes. 7. Finally, if you delete the file in computer A it's also deleted in computer B.