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  1. Still having this issue. Any input would be great.
  2. Up until recently when I had a main folder synced and would type in the search field with that folder selected all files within that folder as well as subfolders would be searched for files matching what I entered in the search field. However, currently sync is only showing files/folders that are in the main directory I have selected. I can't figure out how to possibly adjust this to the way it was before or if this is an intended change. I found this thread from more than a year ago that describes the issue exactly and eventually it appears an updated reverted it back. Any input
  3. Alright thanks for the reply. As long as its in the pipeline.
  4. Loving btsync so far and has been the solution to several problems. However, one thing I would like to use it for is with somewhat non techie people as a way to sync androids camera photos. However, sometimes I find the app not to be running. EIther from a restart or for some reason it wont sync until I reopen it. This ends up being somewhat confusing to certain people and also theres a chance they will open the app after there computer is asleep. What I would like is for the app to be ran as an autostarting service or whatever the android equivilent is. Basically where unless forced close