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  1. One thing I use now is a "protected" folder by using encfs on my imac which then is synced to an external hosting provider where I have some GB free. This is also synced into a windows and macbook pro machine of coworkers which both have the password for that encfs. This way we have an "sharepoint" for all of us similar to dropbox but encrypted at the third party system. Basically we just share small documents there. This works very well so far! Still I wait for "tresorit" to have their mac client finished.
  2. Seems like I have the same problem with my Synology DS412+. In addition to the HD in the Synology it also does not allow an external Raid I connected to the Synology to spin down. Even if that is just used for backups of the Synology once a day! Not nice
  3. I am not sure if it was mentioned before. I would LOVE an option to run a BTSync "Hub" with all files being always encrypted. So that you can use a external hoster as backup and/or central storage without them ever being able to access the data. Hope that makes sense!