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  1. Yes, i am able to replicate this with btsync_glibc23_x64-1.2.73.tar.gz and also btsync_i386-1.2.73.tar.gz edit: in the logfile, i am also seeing: Loading config file version 1.1.42 (although there doesn't seem to be anything specific to 1.1.42)
  2. I am having same issue. I have one master host, linux based, where i upload pdf files, then i have multiple hosts with ready only secrets. Some are linux based servers to provide multiple data source, rest OSX, Windows and mobile clients. This being on 1.1.42 on the linux side, the clients whatever they have - based on the auto update features. I will be updating to the latest version (1.2.73) now, hoping this will not repeat. Secrets are 100% read only. Are there more reports on read only sync going wrong way and is this something that has been addressed? thank you
  3. Thank you for btsync! For the linux version: - it doesn't provide a command line way to monitor btsync. It would be nice to be able to retrieve for example "Connected hosts" stats somehow, to be able to incorporate into website (is there any way to get this from the currently existing files, such is sync.dat?) - options to define symlink behaviour - follow/transfer - options to define behavior in read only clients after local files have been erased - always push/re-sync upon demand - display info about number of files/sizes before syncing Thank you and keep up the great work!