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  1. Yeah I'm definitely a whiny customer, which is totally ridiculous given its a free service. Suppose it's just tough to see an elegantly solved (important) problem suddenly return to unsolved. For the few that might be in my situation, a temporary solution (i.e. will work as long as the 2.0 clients are backwards-compatible with 1.4 shares) is to have the 1.4 mac create the share, and install 2.0 on everything else. For some reason downgrading to the "latest" 1.4.111 on windows / osx + 1.4.65 android team stalls out whenever I try to get them to sync (used to work with previous versions), s
  2. 10.6.8 is still available for sale from apple and receiving security updates.
  3. This is bananas! I love sync, but I don't want to upgrade my *very stable* machine to the latest Apple boatware. The reviews of Yosemite are majority 1/5 for a reason. Can the developers please at least let us use a backport with no support / at our own risk? A 3rd party client? My OSX is still supported by Apple; it's not like I'm running Windows 95! It's crazy that I have to break all the installs on my computer and make it slow just to "keep up" with sync. Now I have to look into other options, which is super sad, because it used to just work. Also, v1.4.111 is always complaining to m