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  1. doesn't the pi need to communicate with the tracker? (thereby making your firewall rules too restrictive)?
  2. You could always request the previous revision from the remote peer (from their .SyncArchive) so that local edits need not 'be predicted' in the scenario you posed. The file is out there and available and the platform is built around collective sharing of info. It certainly seems feasible as a feature. You may be able to get away with using an SVN repository inside the shared folder but I imagine that will cause a lot of conflicts.
  3. I'd be more inclined to connect to publicly shared "dead drop" folders if I could do so relatively anonymously.
  4. What happens when you create a new secret folder with nothing in it? Will they sync? I didn't have any problems getting my android device to fully sync. Are there any other files in any of your directories of similar size to .SyncIgnore and .SyncId? I'd start by doing a sub-dir by sub-dir verification that the same number of files and bytes exist on each host to narrow it down a bit more.
  5. I noticed that versioned files only appear on the other hosts when something is changed locally. Why is that the case? Why aren't versioned and deleted files stored locally as well as remotely in the .SyncArchive folder? It would be nice to have a full 30 day history on all hosts. Is there any way to achieve that with the software as-is?
  6. I ran into this same problem today and I found a solution and came to the forums to register to share it. For me, I was trying to sync from a linux box to windows and one final file would not sync. It was 73.7KB. I went to the root dir on the linux box and searched for a file of that size. -R is for recursive searching, -h is for human readable file sizes (74K, 244M, etc) ls -laRh | grep ' 74K' -rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 74K May 24 20:02 Ron Paul on the boston bombing and military response.jpg -rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 74K May 4 03:51 ron paul on the boston bombing and military response.jpg ba