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  1. For completeness, this was an issue that was being investigated and solved with a newer update (not sure if yet released)
  2. Was this finally an isolated issue or something more general is going to be provided?
  3. I'm experiencing (suffering) something similar, an encrypted folder is synced unencrypted to 3 hosts and encrypted to 5 more hosts. The 3 unencrypted can sync the whole set of folders and files ( ~ 158Gb), the other 5, at some point fail and stop to sync with similar messages: EU4FYUQHKNAO4MJGYCPYKSN3SVLIT73XRYQBYYY/OPVPZWOW5C6NQBRICAHUDSGD54/3KDQ4FMA5RYFMMJWLE4RDOUBVA/X4AHX4NRBNSLI5SWGQ7KCHEXOE/JQOOQTUW42VVYEIKCWA2UHORAXE7PIT2U4J4ZTBBX7MCLFMTYVGYDWR5IH636UF5ANYSTD57KA23O/2D2IYQ2DOUNBBZOCWXIOYNKQL4]: state:SEED error: meta:1 conns:1 io:0 [20170109 06:54:00.802] PC[0x0
  4. Hi, I get something similar while running btsync on a kernel without ipv6 once I do "modprobe ipv6", btsync starts as expected. Regards, Pablo