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  1. I am using Kubuntu 14.10 (fresh install) and the btsync-user package. It is version 1.3.109. The btsync process is not started while booting. I am checking it with http://localhost:9999 and there is no answer. I type 'btsync start' in the shell and then it works. How can I change that behaviour. In the settings I found nothing like this.
  2. How can I create this debug logs and where can I find them? I always miss a complete and detailed manual for btsync.
  3. Thank you very much. btw: The sync-problem I described (stop at the last KBs) still happens. So I have to really click each share after syncing to check if everything is really fine.
  4. > It shows the time when the last sync was complete. Nice to know. > Indeed, WebUI was redesigned to be more convenient and resembling GUI for Mac and Windows. But why does the WebUI need to resembling the GUIs? I can see no reason for this. WebUI- and GUI-Users are totaly different types. A WebUI-user is more the admin-type. He need all necessary information on the first view without clicking around. Now I have to click 12 times (open & close) to know the status of each of my 6 shares. This is to much.
  5. > We do read the official forums . Thank you very much. > There is an information about the last sync time in new WebUI. But what is exactly behind that information. What is the meaning of "last sync time"? Please excuse my penetrant question but with data you couldn't be less paranoid. Is it the start or the end of the last sync? I often had the experience that a sync started and then stoped/freezed with the last KBs. I could see this in the old WebUI. Then I just restarted both btsync-clients and then the sync was done to the end without missing KBs. With the current WebUI I am scared about that. I will never see the case of missing KBs. And I can not see why this information was removed from the main page of the webui. There is a design-reason behind it I hope?
  6. Yes, you understand right. I miss a feauter that was there in the past. And I don't want to workaround it with an extra gui application catching resources (no matter how less) from my system. I just want the old feauter back. And I know that you are not a member of the official BTSync-Dev-Team. But this is the official BTSync forum. So doesn't they read here? How can I contact them?
  7. Thanks for your explaination. I understand the update-thing now. But what is about the status-display in the webui. I can not see if the sync is complete or not. It is essential to know.
  8. I am not sure what happend. I am using btsync-user on an Ubuntu 13.10. I didn't synced the last 14 days because of a journey. But I updated my ubuntu. Somewhere while this updates btsync-user was deleted. I don't know when and why. I discoverd it today while I tried to sync my pc with the netbook. btsync wasn't running and even installed on the netbook. So I did a "apt-get install btsync-user" again. Then they synced. 1. What happend the last 14 weeks and why the desinallation of such an importatend and sensitive package? 2. The status display on the web-ui is lost. I can not see the status of a folder if it is currently while syncing or if it is synced or even connected. I can I get the status of my sync-folders now?
  9. Whould it be a problem when btsync handle folders that lay on an SSD-partition that is mounted with the option "noatime"?
  10. I can reproduce it on my system. When I sync a dir from my Kubuntu 13.10 to my android, nearly all files got three 'x' more in there rights like the android-app does a "chmod a+x *" on the files. Does anyone know about it? Maybe there is a open bug report?
  11. user@pc-kubuntu:~$ btsync-gui --webui --bindui --username user --password test --savedefaults CRITICAL:root:Unexpected exception caught: 'BtSyncAgent' object has no attribute 'set'
  12. 1. There should be a message while installing btsync-gui over apt-get that it is alpha. I am in a lot of trouble now because of that. Stepping back to btsync-user doesn't work. The WebUI is still unavailable and I am not able to find a config file for that. Everything changed. But now I am using btsync-gui on one of my btsyc-running systems and try it. 2. Personaly I prefere the WebUI. I has all I need and save resources of my system. Each KB RAM is important on an old netbook. But there should be a GUI, too. It is because of the windows-like users to make the use and access to such a great piece of software easier. There should be bouth packages supported! 3. Since I installed btsync-user (Kubuntu 13.10) I have a message for one of my shares. ".mozilla/firefox/rk1algw0.default/_firefox_wuala_sync" can not be opend. How can I fix that? Where is the config-file for that share, so that I can but a "/home/user/" in front of the path. I can not modify the path with WebUI and with GUI.
  13. Your workarounds are horrible. I want to sync symlinks. And in my usecase it is like "nils" explained. There are a lot of config-stuff from different applications I need to sync. There is now way for your workarounds and now way for do the symlinks the other way around. A symlink is just a file like any other. There is no problem with it. Why does btsync exclude them?
  14. I don't want to discuss if it is needfull or not. Everyone has different use-cases. For me it is usefull. So how can I setup BTsync to handle it?
  15. I have symlinks in my sync-folders. I want BT-Sync to follow them like they are the real files. If I symlink a file that is far away in another non-synced folder I want that file to be synced. Is it possible?