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  1. I would like the following features added to the My Sync Tab 1. Create a tree hierarchy where you can choose to ignore subfolders 2. Add the ability to pause the syncing of specific Syncs 3. Add a "turbo boost" on a specific folder so that all the available resources are focused on syncing that folder first.
  2. Here are several features, I would like to see in the Transfers tab 1. On the transfers tab, show all pending file transfers, not just the active transfers. 2. Add the ability to sort columns. 3. Add progress bars. 4. I would like to be able to push pending files to the top of the queue so they get transferred first. 5. Create a right-click menu would that would give you the ability to pause the transfer of individual files. 6. I would like an option to pause all uploads. 7. I would like an option to pause all downloads.
  3. I have the same problem. Please fix!
  4. Improvements for the transfers tab: I would like to see progress bars for all current transfers.I would like for the file path to be included with the file name.I would like to see the list include all the queued files (the ones that aren't actively being transferred)I would like to have the ability to drag and drop files to the top of the queue. That way I don't have to wait for 20 GB of movie files to transfer before I get the update to that important spreadsheet.I would like the transfers to be split into two columns, one for uploads and one for downloads.I would like the ability to pause j