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  1. Hi there. I have 2 TB of files that I need to keep in sync. The 2 servers are on different locations. I would like to take one hard drive to the remote location, copy the files, and start syncing from that point instead of having to transfer those 2 TB over the internet. Is that possible? Thanks, Ignacio
  2. Thanks GreatMarko. In that case, is there any way I can bind the webui to 2 IPs?
  3. Hi there. I have btsync running on my home server and some of my computers all running Linux. On my home server, config file has a value of assigned to the listen variable, so I can access the WebUI on port 8887. However, that only happens on my LAN or through my VPN. I punched a hole on my firewall to access it from the outside as well, but I always get a connection refused error. The punch is active, but there's no access to the WebUI from the internet. Any ideas on why this may be happening? Thanks in advance, Ignacio