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  1. Still the same bug that .82 had when opening the sharing link on the latest Firefox Beta on windows... This was on bitsync x64 build and I'm using Win 8.1
  2. Still no direct links?!? Needing the x64 version...
  3. As you saw, when I posted the new thread for the new version was not created...
  4. New version already?? it says 1.4.83 .... But when I go to, it can't show nothing... I wanted the x64 version...
  5. Ok I just discovered why I was not viewing the 3 dot menu... I checked all the columns and it was hidden on the right... Still Anyone??
  6. Does this mean that now on Windows, have access to webui?!? If yes, how do I access it?! Tried my local ip with the Listening port (that is on the settings) but cannot enter webui... Also, after I add a folder, by the add folder button or in windows explorer, after that I cannot delete those folders on bitsync... there's nothing, no button on the UI, no right click over the folder, that brings me something to delete those folders, not even pressing the delete key on the keyboard... am I missing something?!? On question, I have two machines that have windows x64 but currently they have installed the previous version, the bitsync x32 version. If I upgrade to the x64 version, will it keep my settings on bitsync?! Also, found this bug... On the Share Dialog, I used the Copy function, and then past the link over my browser, Firefox 33 beta, and got this: I test it on latest Chrome dev channel and on last IE on win8.1 and it showed fine. (sorry for the link, but on the forum says that I cannot paste a pic with png extension, witch is a bit stupid by the way...) Thkx in advance...
  7. @romanz still the same... how do I get the logs?? I see the sync.log but I don't see nothing inside of it about this bug... Any other log file about that??
  8. Then I have a problem, as I told, none work for me, except the qr code I'm now on another computer and it work. Tomorrow going to uninstall it to see if it works...
  9. Trying to use the share a folder feature, but been hard to understand how it works or even if works... specially the email sharing... I go to the explorer, Share a folder, then it appears a little square windows from btsync. On this window it's possible to share bye email, copy or qrcode... If I click on email or copy, nothing happens. The Qr code works fine, at least I see a Qr code, but I don't know if that QR code works or not. I don't know what supposed to happen on the email link, but I suppose that it should open my email client, right? As I said, nothing happens. I have Thunderbird for Windows installed. Also, copy, it was supposed to copy a link to the clipboard?? If yes, I don't get anything copied to the clipboard... I also got a message about something related about peers, that I have to authorize in the Advanced options, on that square, but when I go there, the option is already ticked... what I have to do?? But now, after trying a few times share a few folders, that warning stopped appearing to me... Anyone?!?
  10. Once again.... only new this btsync version by coming to the forum... Shame..
  11. Why do u guys need to constantly create a new thread each time a new build is released?!? If a new version was also released on the auto-update, I wouldn't care of this problem, but since that is not happening for the majority of the releases (only the big ones), now I have to remind me to enter the forum to see if there's a new thread of a new build... I think it's better to have only one thread for all releases of Bitsync... or at least only a thread per major release of bitsync... it would be much better to track all the new releases... Each time a new version was release, only had to edit the thread name and the 1st post with changelog and some more info. Time to choose, auto-update all versions or make a single thread for all versions!!!
  12. I wish there was a way to see, in the serve side, for example, for a folder, what clients that are synced and also the ones that are no longer synced (but that were once)
  13. I just got .87 from that link... lucky me
  14. A new android version was posted on play... does desktop got a new version, beside .82 ??
  15. onesolo

    Auto Update

    Still, I think that auto-update should be available to everyone... or at least have a like beta update option on the program...