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  1. Actually, I was looking for a simple auto-backup solution. I would want to backup my Raspberry Pi to my Mac, because I don't have a screen to connect to... But I agree with you v6ak.
  2. It works! But, I would like to backup my whole SD card (=Raspian) with BtSync. But, I can't chose "/"as path... Is it a problem of permissions or anything else? Chris
  3. Thank you Eldadh I gonna try it and I'll let you know if it works for me! Chris
  4. Hello, I would like to install Bt Sync on my Raspberry pi but I've issues : 1/ I don't find the the repository of the arm version. 2/ If I try to install with the tar.gz package, I can run btsync but I have a permissions access problem and I can't set the autostart service. Sorry for my english, I'm a french beginner. Thanks for your help. Best regards Christophe
  5. Hello, Thank you for your tuto. I’ve a problem with the autostart of btsync. It doesn’t work when I reboot the RP pi. I did this: 1. I changed the directory to the config folder : cd ~/.config/ 2. I created the autostart folder in the /.config/ folder : sudo mkdir /autostart 3. I changer the directory to the following folder : /.config/autostart : cd /autostart 4. I created a new file names “syncstart.desktop” in this folder : sudo touch syncstart.desktop 5. I modified this file : sudo nano syncstart.desktop 6.I reboot my pi and….the autostart didn’t work…(the btsync service was off). What’s the problem (I’m new practicer in Linux and english ) I've an other problem with the permissions when I add I new folder to sync. I've the following message : "Don't have permissions to write to selected folder." Any solution? Thank you for your help. Christophe