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  1. On my QNAP TS-269L with firmware 4.1.0 Build 20140612, after removing and reinstalling the BitTorrent Sync 1.3.106 app I'm prompted to set a password for admin. Pretty standard stuff. If I use a simple password such as "1234" everything works just fine. But if, after deleting and reinstalling the app, I use a long complex password such as "07hQ8DQ#W7vdjD%e7Z1U64ty" I can't login! I determined that "#" was an invalid character although that wasn't flagged when I pasted it in and confirmed it. Can you please accept any number of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and special
  2. Having the same problem here with Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and btsync 1.3.105. The credentials used are those found in /etc/btsync/{instance}.conf and not $storage_path/settings.dat After changing the username/password in the gui the new username can be found in settings.dat until the service is restarted.
  3. Solved this. the QNAP BitTorrent package modifies then does a chatter +ia to which prevents that file from getting updated. I deleted and restarted btsync and the new one was written. I removed the chattr line from the qnap launch script. ---- I'm trying to add a folder on Linux but I can't get past the "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" message. This succeeded on the ARM version of 1.3.105, I never got the warning, but on my QNAP i386 version of 1.3.105 this warning came up and I can't get past it. Another side-effect is that the me
  4. I got it running on my DroboFS following this guide: http://www.droboport...1-0-132/drobofs Browse the DroboFS with explorer (typed \\{drobofs ip address} ) and mapped a network drive to the DroboApps shared. The DroboApps Share isn't visible through Drobo dashboard. Downloaded btsync.tgz and copied it into the DroboApps drive Used Drobo Dashboard to restart the DroboFS Browsed to http://{drobofsipaddress}:8888/ Added a folder, pasted the Secret and it started working.