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  1. Thank you, yes I know. But finding a supported NAS isn't the problem, it's finding a NAS with built-in power supply at a reasonable price - say <€300.
  2. Hi I'm planning to buy a NAS and install BTsync on it. I don't need more wall warts or power bricks laying around, so I'm looking for a NAS enclosure with a built-in power supply. So far I've been looking at some of the QNAP enclosures, but they are all >€400, so I'm wondering if someone has seen a less pricey alternative? It should be a 2-4 bay enclosure, preferably desktop model before 19" rack mount. Cheers,
  3. So if I understand you correctly I can create a share that does not share sub folders, and then create a separate share for each sub folder? How do I do that? I can't find any options for this in the OSX client.
  4. In the Mac OS X client Preferences pane there is an option called "Start BitTorrent Sync when Mac starts". This doesn't seem to happen when the Mac starts, it only happens after a user has logged in. I'm running the client on my Mac Server, so I would actually like it to sync without having a user logged on all the time. Is there a workaround for this?
  5. Greetings forum members, I have a folder tree on my computer that I am currently syncing to my own personal devices. One of the folders within that tree I would like to share with another person. But BTsync doesn't allow me to separately generate a key for that particular folder, since it is located within an already shared folder tree. Is there a reason for this behaviour? /T