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  1. Hi, a rather old feature request but still valid and, I think, useful. This could be implemented as an additional method that redistributes changes on files to all clients from the currently existing sync archive. Think about using files in the local sync archive, extending their filename with the machine name stored in Resilios settings and redistributing it to all other sync clients. Thereby burried changes on files could at least be traced from every machine that is part of the sync. It would be nicer, IMHO, to have the same archive content on all machines but I think this is not
  2. Hi, could the team give an update if this is taken into account / on the list / in development / rejected?
  3. Hi, We. Have tested the access to older versions of office documents, spread over >5 machines. Due to the sync method used there is no "checkout" process and it will happen that document versions have "burried" changes, there are 2 issues with this: A) version numbers do not indicate the same file on all sync clients. This can lead to confusions when cooperating (especially in the same room). not all versions of a saved file are stored local If there would be a configuration switch to just copy all saved versions in a monitored folder to the .syncarchive local changes would also be cept.
  4. I think this should be a general service to be configured (enable/disable) for all OS supported.
  5. Option for Block Level Syncing (of open files) I wonder if it would be possible to also include block level synchronisation (including syncing open files). By this it would be possible to sync a virtual machine to another host for backup purposes. I am looking for such a scenario for NGOs IT in the field where a central server is virtualized and a "hot copy" shall be backed up to a second hardware so that it can be started from that one in case the first hardware fails.